Monday, 2 January 2012

Expat Living, dining 'n' kids bedrooms

This morning I have been smiling, smiling, smiling 'n' actually giggling ;-)  a month ago I was contacted by the shop we had bought our dining table and furniture from...Origin Asia.  They asked if I would be their 'happy customer' and talk about my dining table experience for Expat Living magazine.  The magazine is a monthly read and is 'rather glossy' and a fave of the expats.  So, the January 2012 issue of the magazine is running a 'Dining Table stories' article.  Heck yes, of course I will be a part of that ;-)

I've got a taste for success this space for future 'stuff' ;-)

Finally, my latest 'idea'...getting an interior designer to sort out the boys bedrooms.  Actually, I see so many pics of kids bedrooms in 'said magazine' and think 'how do they get those rooms so nice'...I've decided I need some expert help.  Any interior design experience my readers have will be very much appreciated 'n' I'll be telling you how I get on with this project...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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