Tuesday, 22 November 2011

sleepless 'n' Singapore

Why, do I not sleep at all well when my husband is away?  Anyone would think that, as he travels so damn much that I would 'eventually' get used it...but no!

Last week Mr Man was away for 2 nights, in the time he was away I slept for 7 hours total!  Gosh I was absolutely 'knacked' and did not have a smiley face! :-(  Yes I was tired, but why then did I not sleep?  A little afraid of the dark? A little afraid of being alone? Goodness only knows, but the minute he got back on Friday I was straight into bed 'n' fast on!  Erm, do you think he was smiling? ;-)

I do actually believe that sleep deprivation is a form of torture!  See this link...wiki/Sleep_deprivation if it doesn't interest you then reading it could make you sleepy :-)

Yes, I was like the mother of a newborn!  All us Mums know how thoroughly 'shattered' we are as 'new mums'....actually believing that our children will 'never' sleep.  I remember my Mum 'n' Dad telling me that I did not sleep until I was 5 years old!  No, I did not believe Mum 'n' Dad either - until I had my second son and, he proved my Mum 'n' Dad right by not sleeping himself for 5 years! 

I did have some smiles while Mr Man was away though...My Chinese lesson, I had to cancel the last 2 weeks for one reason and another, so to get back to it was a bit scary - I was sure I had forgotten everything - yes, I had, well almost!  I did Birthdays and now know how to sing 'Happy Birthday to you' in Chinese!  Excellent, that will come in useful :-)  Still, Chinese lessons are making me smile and my teacher has such patience and gives lots of encouragement - it is fantastic :-)

To finish, here are a few of my favourite places in Singapore...I hope they make you smile :-)

Singapore River, bum boat 'n' Fullerton

East Coast Beach

Gardens by the Bay

soooo colourful, love this building

Fullerton Hotel

Kallang Bridge

East Coast Beach - morning

Sleep time now in my beautiful Singapore :-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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