Thursday, 27 September 2012

The day I lost my connection to the world or the iPad saga...

I thought my world, has I knew it, had ended!  My most precious and thing closest to my plug socket, laptop and, usually, my bag had gone...

I had  'misplaced' my connection to the world :-( definitely not a smiley kind of morning!  The major problem I had was that I was 90% sure where it was or where I left it.  Problem was, staff in said place, had not seen it.  I felt sick, I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream and swear (I did swear, in my muttered breath!)

Living in Singapore, I kind of thought "it's ok, I'll get it back, it's just when".  Am I perhaps wrong to think that this beautiful city is so honest and secure?  I began to doubt one of my main reasons for loving this City.

The security guy in my shopping mall was brilliant, understood my distress immediately and passed me the required form for completion (please, my hands are shaking, I want to scream).  Of course I completed the form.  The necessary calls were made, two additional security guys came to 'help' (I say help but I'm sure they needed to see a distraught British expat with their own eyes)...I held it together and managed to bite my quivering lip!

Completely distraught and really, very angry.  Not angry at anyone other than myself, I knew it was my own silliness which had misplaced my most cherished piece of technology since my bright red Sony Walkman of 1980 something :-D

I ran to 'get nailed' (erm, not literally, I know it sounds odd but it's the name of my manicure place).  The girls all gasped in horror "but where you lose it?"  Obviously not in here then!

Ran down stairs, my poor Mum didn't know the words to comfort me and Mum's always know what to say.  No, this was one of those moments you just never can prepare for!

An hour later, we took the step of heading to the car park in deep thought that, really it's gone, never to be seen again.  A fellow manicure client came over to my car and asked if I'd found it, very concerned and gave me her best wishes that it comes back to me.

I had an idea, I 'knew' where I had 'misplaced' it and had the receipt from the store confirming the time I was there.  Again, ran away from my Mum and up to the security guys...they were smiling and, I am sure, thinking 'Crazy Ang Mo found it'!  No, I explained I wanted to leave them my receipt as my only evidence.  The nicest security guy told me I should report to the police...but where is the nearest station?  He began to explain and tell me that the police would need to be involved should the store manager not agree to sharing the CCTV footage.  Oh no, could it really come to this?

Mr Nice Security Guy looked over my shoulder and said 'oh my, look what we have here!'  The staff from the store where I 'knew' I'd left it came running to me with my irreplaceable iPad!  I almost bowled the girl over, not 'cos I was angry with her but I simply gave her the most massive hug, like ever!

So, faith is still with me in this beautiful city of Singapore, I'm smiling again and have 4 new friends - my 3 security guards (who now address me as Miss Clare) and 1 sales assistant (who probably still has the bruises from my massive hug).

"Case Closed"

The final words must come from my iPad;-

"Sent from Clare's iPad
who was lost and distraught at being away from my owner for over 2 hours

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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