Saturday, 7 July 2012

fabulous family, fantastic friends 'n' endless rain...

I shall not apologise for my talk of the weather...I would not be British if I was not constantly obsessed with the weather be it too hot, too cold or, in this case, too 'blinking' wet!

Here in Yorkshire for the last 2 weeks the weather has been fantastically wet...the wettest since records began in over one hundred years...crazy we chose this very time to visit 'beautiful Yorkshire'.

Of course, I've been piping on for the last few months that "I'm not visiting Yorkshire for the weather, some cool fresh air will be appreciated and seeing family 'n' friends is priority" BUT a couple of dry days would be nice ;-) those shorts I packed are well and truly staying in the bottom of my suitcase :-D

Weather aside though, my 'fabulous family' and 'fantastic friends' have been exactly that :-)
Yorkshire...on the Jigsaw map ;-)

Jet-lagged but giddy with excitement for a welcome meal and drinks a plenty with my family...Mum, Dad, Aunty Jean, Uncle Brian, Jonathan, Jennie and Uncle Paul x

My new friend Rigsby xx ;-)

a wonderful Sunday afternoon catching up and chatting to extended family and super friends...

French friends visit...

Nos amis françaises..
their first time in the UK (outside London) and they agreed Yorkshire truly is beautiful ;-)
food better than expected, weather exactly as expected
et nous nous sommes bien amusés ;-)

Cuz ventures up t' north too...

long journey, fantastic company but way too short a time together... (see you soon Nicky, Catherine 'n' Harvey...Singapore, maybe ;-)?)

Loving you 'n' friends and yes, still smiling 'n' having fun despite this wet, wet, wet 'British summer'.

Two more weeks in the UK for me...Trafford Centre with the gorgeous mummy roc (her blog is here), completion of purchase on my beautiful Yorkshire apartment, hair appointment with Sam @ Monroes and, yes, wine, fun and lots of smiles in Yorkshire...

I leave with a message to my wonderful, loving and fantastic Uncle Paul...he's had a tough time lately and things just aren't so great right now...I'm truly hoping health will return, happiness is around the corner and negative 'folk' give him a break! Love you Uncle Paul xxx

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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