Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Changi Museum 'n' Black & White houses

Changi Prison Museum; very interesting and such a moving experience. I highly recommend a treck out of the city to see a little bit of Singapore and World history.

Photos in the indoor area of the museum are forbidden
but the chapel can be photographed

Certainly a tourist attraction not to be missed (Uncle Brian - you'll catch it next year :-)

Next, a little further afield at the very North of Singapore - actually in spitting distance of Malaysia ;-)

Still standing in Sembawang are many old British Naval Base houses.  These nestle in tree-lined roads and all have fabulous gardens.  So, who lives in a house like this?

and after reading the reviews for this book...
I want a copy to display on my coffee table ;-)

Actually, driving around these neighbourhoods I was left thinking "I want to live in that house or that house or even that house!". But, thankfully my Mr Man knows me better than I know myself and declared that Sambawang, Singapore is most probably how Gambais is to France...totally out in the sticks and I would become bored crazy ;-)

Avenue de Neuville, Gambais
proper 'out in the sticks' ;-)

My house in Gambais, France...lovely, lovely old house
but not the right choice for a city loving girl like me! ;-)

So, still smiling here despite the fact my parents have now headed back to the UK  :-(  Got lots of exciting outings, projects and general 'stuff' planned for me and my boys...:-)

The SAM , Snow City , ice skating @ Kallang and for me and my Mr Man...The Woman in Black au cinéma - proper scary snuggle up viewing ;-)  

Lastly, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this song...

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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