Sunday, 11 December 2011

glitter 'n' Christmas in the tropics...

"It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas"...but really it does not feel like Christmas time.  I'm sat here blogging away and wearing shorts, the weather in Singapore today is around 32 degrees :-)  Yes, it is the usual December weather for Singaporeans.  A Brit's idea of December weather though is a time for a new hat 'n' scarf, some thick socks 'n' gloves! 

I think childhood memories mould us into how we picture Christmas for life?  Here's some very different Christmas time weather....which one says "Christmas Time" to you?

The memories I have which says "Christmas Time" to me are of getting up on a frosty and often snowy morning at 4.00am (yes, very excited I was :-) to see if 'the man in the big red suit' had been ;-)I'd sit there opening goodies with the Christmas lights twinkling.  After getting all wrapped up in hat, scarf, gloves 'n' boots I would go, along with my parents, to visit my Aunt and Uncle.  I would time it just right to sit with my cousin and 'help' him open his goodies too...usually around 7am :-)  Ah...special 'n' perfect Christmas times spent with my family in Barnsley :-)

Barnsley Town Hall @ Christmas
What always makes me smile are Christmas decorations in all their twinkling glory :-)  They can be the "OTT brightest on the street" version or the "charming 'n' tasteful" version.  This year though, I've gone for a mixture of the two...  OK, a real tree in Singapore is available yes, but if I want to put it indoors at the beginning of December what would it look like by Christmas Eve?  So, I've gone for the tactastic, plastic 'n' very 'glitter covered' version with a blue and orange theme ;-)

Here too, there is a huge mix of 'OTT 'n' tasteful decorations -  here are a few pics from this amazing tropical island as we all prepare for the magic that is Christmas...

Orchard Road


Ferrero Rocher, Orchard Road

Marina Bay and Singapore Flyer

I'm off now to wrap some presents and pour myself a tiny Christmas Sherry ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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  1. Do you want to swap??? I hate the cold and the snow and the ice! Send me some sun!